Core Advantage

Excellent Market development capacity

As a Chinese brand, Peninsula Group has a group understanding of consumer preference in different regions across China. With strengths in analyzing the economic performance of the catering market from macro and micro perspectives, realizing management operations intereaction, and building reasonable business models and competitive teams, the Group helps its subsidiaries to find their market positions using scientific methods, to develop product, price, channel and promotion strategies, to improve the management of marketing departments and personnel, and to develop effective incentive systems. In this way of fulfilling its duties, the Group can create tremendous economic benefits for consumers in a short period time, winning their trust.

High Service Quality

To ensure high service quality, the Group has formulated the Handbook of H. L. Peninsula Catering Group for Floor Staff, Handbook of H. L. Peninsula Catering Group for Kitchen Staff, Handbook of H. L. Peninsula Catering Group for the Logistics Department, and Five Principles (Frequent Training, Review, Cleaning, Standardization and Self-Discipline) for Restaurant Management. Certified to ISO9001:2000 by SGS in Switzerland, the Group has improved job responsibilities, workflows, operation specifications, and management systems related to food preparation and service. A detailed execution and operations system comprising regulations and procedures have been built.

Mature Management Model

Actively leaning industry advanced management methods and concepts, the Group has developed mature, standard and effective management systems and business models according to the characteristics of local catering markets and the types of different restaurants, leading the industry in terms of management and service.

Rich Experience in Restaurant Brand Building

Owning over ten restaurants, the Peninsula Group has independently helped more than 60 restaurants in establishment, activity planning, and management. In this course, it accumulated rich experience in restaurant establishment, brand building, and restaurant management. Its versatile professional team can provide customers with project lifecycle consulting and management services covering site selection, functional layout, renovation design, facilities and equipment, material supply, staff training, quality evaluation, product update, and operations management.

Normative Financial Management System

Aside from helping its subsidiaries maximize economic benefits through practical measures, the Group has also formulated a series of financial management systems, primarily the CFO System, Contact Administration System, and Financial Auditing System, for the purpose of enhancing the financing management of its subsidiaries, promoting the concept of “transparent operations”, standardizing financial operations and business management, and constantly reducing operating costs.

High Reputation And Professional Qualities

Believing in integrity and responsibility, the Group strictly follows regulations on material and product quality control. In addition, through the restaurant visiting system and periodical communication, the Group can keep an eye on the restaurants, so as to timely develops effective HR, marketing, and product update strategies and plans, providing high quality service to the restaurants constantly.

Challenge The Market With Innovation

As the driving force of improvement and development, innovation gives the Peninsula Group the power to challenge the market. The Peninsula Group is the proposer and advocator of “consumption without pressure”, an innovative restaurant consumption concept, and has been developing “urban dishes” and “local dishes”. In addition, it has been trying to integrate and improve food materials, products and services from around the World, and promote the concepts of green eating and healthy eating. Dishes developed by its have won a lot of awards, such as “Famous Chinese Dishes” and “Top 10 Cantonese Dishes.”

ISO 9001:2000 Certification fro SGS in Switzerland

  • In 2009, the Group successfully obtained the ISO 9001:2000 Certification from SGS in Switzerland, which marks a break through made by the Group in investment and operations management.

  • The ISO 9001:2000 Certification stimulated the Group to pursue more scientific and advanced management methods, and develop more excellent international management systems, thus providing better management service to its customers, and more importantly, promoting the development of the catering industry and the society at large. Always keeping a beginner’s attitude, the Group has never stopped learning in the course of development, moving forward one step at a time. With systems and procedures developed based on ISO9001:2000, the Group can, according to more international systems and standards, create value and wealth for the society, and service the society.

  • In 2010, SGS upgraded the Group’s certification to ISO 9001:2008.