Corporate Culture


Aiming at satisfying the needs of social elite, Peninsula Group develops business ideas and corporate culture at a high level, trying to become an industry leader.

The wisdom and skills of everyone in and out of the Group and valued, for the purpose of building a competitive team, and furthermore, constantly pushing forward the development of the entire catering industry.


Creating excellence for customers is the eternal pursuit of the Group. Following the principles of “Integrity, Steadiness, Inclusiveness and Aggressiveness”, the Group has been engaged in “creating excellence for customers”.

  • Integrity: We believe that honesty, reputation, conscience and responsibility form the foundation of our business.

  • Steadiness: We believe in pragmatic attitude, pursuit of truth, steady development and efficiency in all aspects, and we believe that existence depends on execution and success depends on details.

  • Inclusiveness: We believe that only when we value the strength and accept weaknesses of others, view and solve problems from diverse perspectives, and constantly analyze and apply various advanced management models, could we be really powerful.

  • Aggressiveness: We believe in ambition, perfection, and constant exploration, innovation and improvement, for they make us competitive and learning-oriented.


Adhering to customer orientation, we are engaged in creating nutritional value, health benefit, as well as happiness and harmony to the society. At the same time of helping customers build a healthy lifestyle, we are also trying to build a platform of communication which promotes family harmony and happiness.

Pursuit of excellence: For us, excellence means acclaimed products, premium service, high learning capacity and creativity, excellent reputation, as well as admirable profitability and market share, and the establishment of a respectable business and corporate culture.