Welcome to H.L. Peninsula 欢迎到三藩市半岛酒家

h. l. peninsula



San Francisco HL Peninsula Restaurant is Peninsula Group ingeniously crafted new oversea brand. Inherited the always high-quality food, tasteful environment, advanced table service. Our attention to details are to be found everywhere. Bound to be your new favorite dining destination.

The interior design is a delicate combination of West modern and Chinese classical elements. Smooth lines and resplendent light together provide an elegant and luxurious space. Having the capacity to hold 50 seats banquet, it's the perfect place for your party, feast, team meetup and company event.

半岛豪苑酒家是半岛餐饮集团匠心打造的海外品牌,承继了半岛一贯的高质量出品。 格调高雅的环境,与时俱进的贴心服务,每一处细节均传递着别具的匠心,势必成为全新的美食目的地。

时尚与中国典雅元素相结合的设计风格。 流畅的线条、璀璨的灯饰互相辉映,典雅华贵。 可同时举办50席宴会,是您聚会、宴请、团队交流的完美之所。